Success Stories

Supply Chain Strategy/Business Model Transformation

Supply Chain Strategy/Business Model Transformation for a billion dollar high-technology company

Evaluated multiple alternative supply chain designs and manufacturing and distribution strategies for products sold in U.S., Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Asia.  Analyzed total cost and profitability, customer service levels, and lead-time reduction, modifying pricing models, leveraging best-in-class providers, and working with suppliers and customers.  In Europe, recommended deploying a postponement manufacturing strategy and a distribution strategy to transition service locations from Western Europe to Eastern Europe.   Presented results to C-level and worked closely with executive management in identifying and capturing tens of millions of dollars in profitability improvement.

Supply Chain Strategy/Business Model Transformation for a multi-million dollar consumer electronics company

Assessed supply chain strategy, structure and processes and identified opportunities to transform the existing business model and generate more than $10 million in savings.  Recommended a transition in manufacturing strategy from build-to-stock model to a postponement model.  This included modifying the product design for a more modular assembly.  Recommended a consolidated, single sourcing distribution model to leverage economies of scale instead of multiple distributors.  Developed path to centralize management and planning of operations and outsourcing providers to improve efficiency and communication.