Success Stories

Network Optimization

Distribution Network Optimization for a global billion dollar manufacturer

Optimized North American distribution network to consider alternative distribution strategies and site locations with storage and throughput capacity constraints.  Recommended new consolidated distribution network and identified 10% transportation and warehousing cost savings while maintaining customer service levels.

Distribution Network Optimization for a global, multi-billion dollar manufacturer and service parts provider

Evaluated and optimized North American, Latin American and South American distribution network for service parts with 100,000+ SKUs.  For South America, evaluated specific location within Brazil taking into account local infrastructure and international tax laws.  Recommended new distribution site location as volumes increase and becomes economically justifiable in Latin America.  Evaluated multiple design scenarios for North American market to increase response delivery times and consolidate existing distribution centers.  Recommended alternative international shipping route/customs processing from North America to Latin and South America.  Identified millions of dollars in potential savings opportunities and improved service response times.  

Manufacturing Optimization for a multi-billion dollar manufacturer

Performed manufacturing network optimization to quantify manufacturing synergies from a strategic merger.  Identified more than $30 million in manufacturing cost reductions through plant rationalization and increased utilization for producing 3,000+ SKUs. 
Sourcing Optimization for a multi-billion dollar manufacturer

Determined optimal sourcing of key raw materials for a multi-billion dollar manufacturer.  Considered specific product and capacity constraints, and potential supplier plant closing to determine sourcing and negotiation strategy.  Efforts led to millions in savings opportunity and supplier agreement on capacity commitment.  

Supply Chain Simulation

Supply Chain Simulation for a global, multi-billion dollar manufacturer

Ran multiple network simulations to validate and predict alternative optimized network design.  Simulated warehousing, inventory and transportation policies to demonstrate potential for increased warehouse order fill rates 3-7%, load consolidation of transfer shipments, and increase response delivery times.