If a problem is not correctly assessed, then there cannot be a proper solution.  We take a diagnostic approach to creating value and customize our approach to meet specific client objectives.  In general, however, Supply Chain Acuity follows a general three-phased methodology: Diagnose, Design and Deliver.


Understand Business Strategy, Objectives and Situation
Define project scope, objectives, approach, time line and deliverables
Understand business strategy and how the project supports strategy
Diagnose Issues and Conduct Analysis
Identify performance or behavior indicators that are symptoms of a problem  
Diagnose issues to understand the root causes and consequences of a problem
Conduct robust data and process analysis.  Take a quantitative and qualitative perspective
Build Baseline and Define Problem
Accurately describe and depict the current state
Define the problem and key drivers


Design Solution
Create solution alternatives to address key issues
Evaluate advantages and disadvantages of alternatives
Select a solution

Align Solution
Align solution to the business strategy
Understand potential impact and dependencies of solution on the business
Customize solution to specific business needs and culture


Propose Recommendations
Make “Actionable” recommendations
Develop plan or road map to implement plan and prioritize initiative
Gain key stakeholder support
Communicate transition plan
Execute to plan
Adjust plan accordingly

Manage Performance and Relationship
Monitor and measure performance
Compare results to the baseline and plan; validate performance expectations
Continuous improvement