Success Stories

Inventory Optimization

Inventory Optimization for a Department of the Federal Government

Assisted in designing, planning, functional testing and deploying a JDA┬« multi-echelon inventory optimization solution to set safety stock levels for 1,000,000 SKUs across the enterprise network.  Recommended changing inventory strategy to simplify inventory management.  Expected cost savings and working capital reductions to be millions of dollars in with similar service performance.   

Inventory Optimization for a billion dollar technology and electronics company

Performed multi-echelon inventory optimization for alternative global supply chain designs and manufacturing strategies reducing safety stock inventory more than 20%.  Compared the inventory requirements for a build-to-stock model and a postponement model.

Inventory Simulation

Inventory Simulation for a Department of the Federal Government

Performed inventory simulation to evaluate the projected performance from a multi-echelon inventory optimization. Simulation performance of 1-year demand history of 6,800+ SKUs resulted in 3%-6% lower fill rates than those projected from inventory optimization.

Simulated actual 2-year demand history of 20,000+ SKUs across more than 30 locations to determine an appropriate replenishment policy for customer-facing stocking locations.

Inventory Simulation for multi-billion dollar manufacturer

Ran inventory simulation using annual demand forecast to determine the required warehouse space for inventory storage throughout the year.  Identified inventory high-points and low-points throughout the year per warehouse.  This analysis was used to assist annual planning and budgeting, and led to implementing $2 million in savings to close warehouse locations and reduce space utilization.

Inventory Positioning and Deployment Strategy

Analyzed inventory positioning for a national multi-million dollar manufacturer

Analyzed inventory position and deployment strategy and current stocking locations.  Recommended consolidating and risk pooling slower moving, higher variability inventory to be shared across regions and customers.  Assigned faster moving, lower variability to be positioned regionally or locally.  Increased inventory turns, reduced excess and obsolete inventory, decreased transportation cost, and improved production planning.  Analyzed opportunities to use different modes and consolidate loads.

Inventory Replenishment Planning for a multi-million dollar consumer electronics company

Designed and developed an MS Access-based inventory replenishment tool that dynamically calculates order quantities and projects inventory levels based on min/max inventory levels and alternative shipment methods.  Collaborated with IT programming contractor to write code in SQL.  Wrote a 55-page user reference guide and trained new users of the model, resulting in a 20% reduction in inventory levels and enabling scenario analysis.