How do we create value?

Based on our breadth and depth of expertise and experience, Supply Chain Acuity brings a uniquely blended perspective and approach to creating value for our clients.  We diagnose complex supply chain issues, design solutions that solve key challenges, and deliver practical solutions that make a difference.  From routinely working with analysts, demand and supply planners, and senior executives, we have the ability to work at all operational levels, whether performing a deep-dive analysis or managing an implementation, and relate the critical business implications and benefits at the strategic level.   In short, we see the “big picture” and the “details”.

Supply Chain Acuity’s value proposition can be summarized by three simple, yet powerful words: Insight, Impact and Integrity. 


Based upon our knowledge and experience Supply Chain Acuity works with our clients to develop insight and answer difficult questions about their complex challenges.  We provide our clients with analytical insight through rigorous, data-intensive analysis and by using analytical modeling tools to identify key findings and quantity the impact.  We also develop strategic insight by sharing best practices in supply chain management and using process improvement techniques to identify supply chain performance opportunities.


Supply Chain Acuity delivers solutions with impact.  Our clients hire us to identify and quantify supply chain improvement opportunities, and to work collaboratively with them to deliver solutions with substantive operational and financial impact.  Our clients have achieved hundreds of millions of dollars in top line revenue growth and bottom line cost savings, reductions in working capital and improved customer experience.


A former U.S. Senator said, “If you have integrity, nothing else matters.  If you don’t have integrity, nothing else matters.” 

Since our inception, Supply Chain Acuity has been focused on the goal of delivering tangible results with integrity.   We stand by our approach and deliverables, and value honesty, diligence and fairness when helping our clients accomplish their goals.  We act as trusted advisors/partners with our clients by understanding their needs, treating their problems as our own, and developing a solution with confidence.